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Social Geek with a caring heart

When I started working as an administrative assistant at McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation, I never would have guessed it would lead to a 23-year (and counting!) career. My previous job was dull, routine, and too quiet. What I loved from day one, was that the Foundation was the complete opposite. We work hard, no day is the same, and we have so much fun that I may have been told once or twice (okay more like 100 times) that we are not quiet!

During my time at the Foundation, I earned degrees in information technology and data analytics, mix that knowledge with my love for people and talking, and I am a self-proclaimed Social Geek. Working at the Foundation gives me the best of both worlds that I enjoy. Currently, as Foundation Manager, most of my day is dedicated to data, budgets, reports, graphs. But I also get to work with a wonderful fun team and engage with board members, donors, employees, and members of the community.

Outside of work, a large part of my life is spent caring for animals. As a child, I brought home every stray I found and while my friends were babysitting, I was pet sitting as much as possible. As an adult, I have been very passionate about adopting, fostering, and supporting many rescue organizations. I especially love to adopt senior animals and those with special needs. So much so that my “when I win the lottery dream,” is to open a senior/hospice/special needs rescue. Of course, that is only after I make a large gift to the Foundation!

Caring for these wonderful animals is so rewarding not only in knowing that I am making a difference and giving them the best life possible, but the love and joy that they give back are remarkable. I always say that God puts the right rescues in my life at just the right time. They have cared for me during some of the hardest points in my life in their own way.

With caring as one of my core values, I am so proud to work for McLaren Greater Lansing, where patient care is exemplified. I can add to that care by being part of the Foundation team that raises generous donations to fund equipment, programs, education, and training that have a direct impact on the care of patients and staff.

You can contact Shelly Houston, Foundation Manager at

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