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The Campaign for Care


Chances are, if you have spent time within the walls of McLaren Greater Lansing, it has impacted your life in some way. Whether it was the birth of a new child or grandchild, a trip to the Emergency Department after an accident, or a life-saving surgery, it had an effect on you and your family.


By supporting McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation, you can impact the healthcare system in our community. We care about the community and the wellbeing of the people who live here. Because of that, we are committed to engaging the community to understand their role in helping the McLaren Greater Lansing team with the resources needed to provide the highest quality of patient care around.


Through your support of our foundation, we can provide the funds needed to enhance the patient experience, launch new programs and initiatives so your care stays local, support our frontline heroes and other needs that arise to ensure superior patient care.


At McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation, we are careful stewards of our community’s generosity, and we want you to see how your donations impact you, your family, and our community for generations to come.


We look forward to getting to know you and to matching your philanthropic investment with our funding priorities to ensure that McLaren Greater Lansing is here for you, your loved ones, and our community.

McLaren Greater Lansing is honored to recognize individuals who make contributions to our many lifesaving programs and services. Pledges to the Campaign for Care may be designed to show personalized recognition, honor a friend or loved one, or recognize a business or organization.

Recognition Opportunities: Acute Care Hospital

First Floor:

Lobby: Committed

Emergency Department: $500,000

ED Family & Visitors Lounge: Committed

Interior Entrance to OCC: $500,000

Sacred Space & Chapel: $500,000

Ambulance Garage: $250,000

Cafeteria: Committed

ED Observation Center: $250,000

ED Trauma Area: $250,000

Elevators: $250,000

Gift Shop: $250,000

Radiology: $250,000

Patient Registration: Committed

Cafeteria Courtyard: Committed

Coffee Shop: Committed

Bereavement Room: Committed

ED Behavioral Health Rooms*: Committed

Second Floor:

Heart and Vascular Institute: $500,000

Surgical Family Lounge: Committed

Cath Labs*: $50,000

Operating Rooms*: $50,000

Third Floor:

Surgical Family Lounge: $250,000
Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute: $500,000

Operating Rooms*: $50,0000

Fourth Floor:

Women & Children’s Health Center: Committed

Pediatrics: $500,000

Precious Gifts Wall: $250,000

Family Lounge: Committed

Newborn Care Area: Committed

Fifth Floor:

Intensive Care Center: $250,000

Focused Care Center: $250,000

Family Lounge: $100,000

Sixth Floor:

Cardiology Center: $500,000

Senior Behavioral Health Center: $500,000

Patient Dining Room: $75,000

Activity/Therapy Room: $50,000

Seventh Floor:

Orthopedic Center: $500,000
Neurology Center: $500,000
Family Lounge: $100,000
Ortho & Neuro Rehab: Committed 


Eighth Floor:

Medical Surgical Center: $250,000

Family Lounge: $100,000

Ninth Floor:

Medical Surgical Center: $250,000
Dialysis Center: Committed
Family Lounge: $100,000

Throughout Hospital:

Education & Conference Rooms*: $50,000

Team Station*: $35,000

Physician On Call Rooms*: $35,000

Staff Lounges*: $35,000

Lactation Rooms*: $25,000

Patient Rooms*: $25,000

Recognition Opportunities: Outpatient Care Center

Cancer Center:

First Floor:

Atrium: $750,000

Courtyard: $500,000

Radiation Oncology: Committed

Extended Hours Clinic: $250,000

Education/multi-purpose room: $100,000

KCI Resource Center: $100,000

Tumor Board Conference Room: $50,000

Radiation Oncology vaults*: $50,000


Second Floor:

Medical Oncology: Committed

Infusion center: $250,000

Infusion Pods*: $100,000

Oncology Pods*: $50,000

Multi-disciplinary teaching room: $50,000 Oncology procedure rooms: $50,000

Infusion Bays*: $25,000


Third Floor:

Breast Imaging Center: $250,000


Throughout Karmanos Cancer Institute

Staff Lounges: $35,000

Exam Rooms: $25,000

Medical Services Building:

Building Naming: $1,000,000 

Coffee Shop: $100,000 

Executive Board Room: $75,000

Physician Lounge: $50,000

Endoscopy Lounge: $50,000

*Multiple Opportunities

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