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Doctors' Day Donations

Celebrate a McLaren Physician

Celebrate National Doctors Day by honoring doctors who have made an impact in your life or the life of someone you love. At McLaren Greater Lansing, our doctors are more than the people you see in white coats or scrubs who are in surgery or reviewing charts.


For more than 100 years, our caregivers have acted with poise, compassion, and courage as they go above and beyond to provide the care our community needs. They work nights, weekends, holidays, family anniversaries, and birthdays – whatever it takes to provide healing exceptional care for our patients.


As we transition into our new home – a 240-bed, state-of-the-art hospital; a Karmanos cancer center; and a heart and vascular institute that will transform the patient experience by providing a world-class setting – we understand that the most important aspect of the patient experience are the people delivering extraordinary care. Our McLaren Greater Lansing physicians do just that.


For all these reasons, we invite you to honor our doctors at McLaren Greater Lansing with a donation in their name during National Doctors Day on March 30. A donation in their honor recognizes the work they do that is much more than science.


Your generous gift, along with a note to let our doctors know just how important they are and have been to you or your family, is a touching memento to their dedication and commitment to improving the lives of others.


Thank you for honoring one of our doctors and recognizing him/her with this gift.

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