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Women’s Giving Circle Shapes Lansing Health Care

March is Women’s History Month, and our team at the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation is happy to celebrate the accomplishments of women.

Throughout history, women have had a huge impact on the world of health care, from Florence Nightingale’s worldwide reform on sanitary conditions of hospitals to Dr. Antonia Novello’s focus on the health of children, women and minorities and educating communities that lack sufficient health care. The Greater Lansing community, and more specifically McLaren Greater Lansing, have had several women who have helped shape the future of health care right here in our own backyard. The women in our Women’s Giving Circle are doing just that.

The McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Women’s Giving Circle is comprised of dedicated and compassionate women who strongly believe in providing the best possible health care for our community. Each member has made a five-year commitment to raising money for the health care causes where their passions lie. Because of this group of outstanding women, we are able to provide much-needed resources, education and technology to McLaren Greater Lansing that can help heal our friends and loved ones.

The Women’s Giving Circle donors come together four times a year to network and inspire each other, as well as vote on how their collective funding will be used to support the needs of McLaren Greater Lansing — an incredibly important initiative. We are beyond grateful for the hard work, care and passion this group has for bringing world-class health care to the Lansing community through McLaren Greater Lansing. Their dedication is remarkable and invaluable.

Although to some it may seem like a stretch to compare this group to trailblazers like Nightingale or Novello, we know that the work they do is nothing short of amazing. The funds they raise could not only save the lives of people in our own community, but they could help lead to discoveries, cures and health care practices that could change the future of health care around the world. We believe in the impact of our donors and McLaren Greater Lansing.

You can be a part of this movement, too.

Learn more about joining our Women’s Giving Circle at For other ways to get involved with the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation, visit

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