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Signet Society Donor Spotlight: The Hourani Family

Michael R. Hourani, M.D, retired MGL nephrologist

Jane Hourani, retired registered nurse

An internist and nephrologist since 1980 and registered nurse of eight years at Ingham Medical Center, now McLaren Greater Lansing, patient care was of utmost importance to Dr. Michael R. Hourani, M.D., and Jane Hourani. The two never denied care to anyone. In fact, Dr. Hourani often received referrals of complicated patients from all over the state because of his expertise and incredible patient care. But his kindness didn’t just extend to patients. Dr. Hourani was often referred to as the social director for the medical staff. He had a great relationship with physicians throughout Michigan as well as with the previous administration of Ingham Medical Center and the MGL administration.

During his tenure, Dr. Hourani was instrumental in joining the medical staff of Lansing General with the staff at Ingham Medical Center. He also was a key player in starting the inpatient dialysis center at Ingham Medical Center and in bringing outpatient dialysis centers to Lansing and surrounding communities.

Throughout years, the Houranis’ passion for providing world-class care has never dulled. The two have been great supporters of the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation, giving toward dialysis and nephrology care, nursing education, and patient education. They also have been highly involved with the foundation through sponsoring and participating in the Festival of Trees and golf outings as well as serving on the foundation board. Most recently, the Hourani family made an incredibly generous donation of $1 million to the MGLF Campaign for Care. This donation made a large stride toward our goal of raising $10 million for the new hospital and the future of health care in the Greater Lansing area. The hospital lobby will be named in their honor.

“We believe very strongly in supporting our community, and MGLF is one way of doing so. MGL offers much needed health care services to our community,” Dr. Hourani said. “We have always supported MGLF and will continue to do so because it provides health care support for our community.”

“We were the leading hospital in Lansing for several years when it came to open heart surgery and several other specialty areas. MGL continues to provide compassionate care to our community,” Dr. Hourani said.

With Mrs. Hourani being born in the Greater Lansing area and the couple serving as medical professionals in our community for many years, it’s safe to say Dr. and Mrs. Hourani have an undeniable love for and lifelong connection to this community and the people here.

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