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I am not a hugger

I am not a hugger. There, I said it. This pandemic? I’ve been training my whole life to stay six feet away from you.

I’m not cold-hearted or mean. I’m actually sappy and emotional and probably really, really like you. Hugging has just never felt natural to me. I’m more of an awkward wave kind of gal.

And because I am sappy and emotional, I’d like to use this corner of the internet to say thank you to some people who deserve virtual, and post-pandemic in-person bear-sized squeezes.

First, the staff of McLaren Greater Lansing. The physicians, food and nutrition workers, maintenance and housekeeping staff. The angels that sterilize surgical equipment and the supply chain managers that make sure we have enough... stuff to care for our patients.

Administrators that spend their weekends on call, security staff that keep our patients and staff safe and MY GOODNESS don’t get me started on the superheroes disguised as nurses and nursing assistants.

I’m so honored to know many of these people firsthand and see the differences they make every day.

During this mush-fest, I’d like to go a little deeper and say thank you to the selfless members of our community that may not get the visibility and love they deserve. Like the compassionate citizens helping our vulnerable homeless population or our neighbors that foster animals in need. The hospice workers who care for our family and in turn care for us. The addiction counselors who help to reunite families and those working with children who need hugs themselves.

Working in fundraising, I feel blessed to see generous people give money they have worked hard to earn with the hope of helping others. Being a coworker, mom, and friend to some of the other groups of people mentioned above I’ve seen generous people give themselves with the hope of helping others. Both groups deserve our appreciation, our recognition, and even a big ol’ hug.

Since getting a hug from me now would just be awkward, I will simply say thank you. You give in ways that I never have. I am grateful for the way you show up in this world and for the difference you make every day.

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I was laughing and smiling, and even getting a little misty-eyed, while reading this. Thank you!

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