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How McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation Community Supports Women’s Health

Members of our community have trusted McLaren Greater Lansing to help meet their medical needs for generations. Now, members of the community can directly influence how funds are used to support those who come to McLaren Greater Lansing for care as part of the Women’s Giving Circle.

In Fall 2021, the Women’s Giving Circle was formed to bring together a dynamic group of women to identify and support new programs at McLaren Greater Lansing and in the community, primarily focused on women’s health. Members donate $1000-2000 annually – young professionals can also choose to donate at the $500 per year level – to join the circle. Each year, members are invited to four themed meetings throughout the year:

  • Educational Meeting – Members join professionals in discussions on relevant and practical health and lifestyle topics that affect women specifically

  • Inspirational Meeting – Members listen to a dynamic female keynote speaker who comes to inspire and educate Women’s Giving Circle donors

  • Social Meeting – Members gather to share food, fun, and friendship as part of an interactive experience

  • Voting Meeting – At the last meeting of the year, members will learn how much funding was collected that year. The group will then hear from departmental leaders in the hospital and community asking for help funding specific projects, or members may proactively bring ideas to the table. Then members will vote on how the funds raised should be allocated and spent.

These meetings allow members to network with powerful women, build connections in the community, break bread together, and vote on how money donated by women’s giving members is allocated.

The power of this circle highlights the collective strength of women in healthcare. Women make many decisions regarding healthcare, finances, and other areas which already impact individual homes and families.

In its first year, the WGC has already raised more than $50,000. At the end of each year, group members gather to vote on which initiative their collective donor power will support. The Women’s Giving Circle helps extend this impact into the community and members see huge initiatives come to fruition much more quickly than they would if each gave alone.

For more information or to become a member of the Women’s Giving Circle, visit

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