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Foundation Grant Funds 3D Mammography System in Grand Ledge

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Breast cancer is now easier to detect at McLaren Greater Lansing Grand Ledge Radiology, as a new 3D mammography system was recently installed there.

Funded by a grant of nearly $382,000 from the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation, the Hologic Genius 3D model replaced a 2D system that had been in use for several years.

“We were thrilled to receive the grant from the Foundation,” said Kim Grove, director of diagnostic imaging at McLaren Greater Lansing. “It could not have come at a better time. The system truly is state of the art when it comes to the technology.”

The advanced technology in the 3D system enables physicians to look at multiple layers of the breast rather than just the surface view that occurs with a 2D system. This results in spotting intrusive cancers more frequently, as well as revealing cancer in women who have dense breast tissue. The density often makes it difficult to see evidence of cancer using a 2D system.

Laura Hathaway, a mammographer at McLaren Greater Lansing Grand Ledge Radiology, uses a book analogy to describe the difference between a 2D and 3D system.

“A 2D system is like seeing the front cover of a book and the back cover of a book,” stated Hathaway. “The 3D is like being able to read every page of the book.”

In addition to those having dense breast tissue, McLaren recommends 3D imaging to patients who are undergoing their baseline – or first – mammogram, have a history of breast cancer, or have a medical history that puts them in a high-risk category for developing breast cancer. The 3D system is also recommended if an area of concern has come up during a physical examination.

Patients are aware that 3D technology has been proven to improve breast cancer detection by nearly 40 percent. This technology also reduces the need for patients to be called back for a second mammogram because an image was inconclusive during the first exam.

Grove and Chris Negus, the supervisor at McLaren Greater Lansing Grand Ledge Radiology, both stressed that many women are very aware of the latest technology when it comes to breast imaging and want to undergo a mammogram that reveals the most information.

Negus said, “We’re giving women what they are looking for, the latest technology that provides clear imaging and enhanced cancer detection.”

Lynn Griffor, vice president of the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation, is pleased that the 3D system is up and running in Grand Ledge.

“We are always looking to help the hospital improve the patient experience,” she said. “This new system will give patients in the Grand Ledge area access to a higher level of breast care.”

For more information about the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation and its $10 million Campaign for Care to support a new hospital opening in March 2022, please click here.

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