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Donor Spotlight: MSUFCU

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Strong communities only develop through stronger partnerships, and in Greater Lansing there have been few partners that have flexed as much support and contribution as Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

From community projects and charitable endeavors large and small, the MSUFCU logo is a frequent and familiar site at events and gatherings. MSUFCU is widely known for its organizational commitment to philanthropy across the region as well as its dedication to creating opportunities for credit union employees to give back to causes they support on a personal level.

So, it’s no surprise that MSUFCU played a major role in helping to bring exceptional health care to Greater Lansing as McLaren Greater Lansing began work on its new world-class hospital campus.

MSUFCU was one of the first corporate donors to the campaign, helping to set the stage for others to follow. The outpouring of generosity earned MSUFCU the naming rights to the new hospital cafeteria, which will provide an area of rest and reflection for guests as well as McLaren staff.

“Most people think of patients and visitors when they think of a hospital cafeteria, but to me what makes this space so special is what it’s going to give to the people that work here,” said Lynn Griffor, MGLF vice president. “As we all know, now more than ever, our critical team in particular has an extremely difficult job, and to be able to give them a space like this to get away, take a break, go outside and sit in some natural light is really, really special for them.”

Kirk Ray, president and CEO of McLaren Greater Lansing, said the new hospital is designed with a variety of areas of respite for patients and visitors as well as employees. The cafeteria provides an additional location for mental healing and solace to take place.

“This is going to be an area where they are able to spend a lot of time and get away from the workplace,” Ray said during the ribbon-cutting of the cafeteria.

April Clobes, president and CEO of MSUFCU as well as a member of the hospital board, noted the decision on the donation by MSUFCU was made prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

“But I think we all learned how valuable a quality hospital experience is for our community,” she added.

Clobes not only helped with the corporate donation to McLaren. In 2021, she and MSUFCU Chief Final Officer Sara Dolan united their personal charitable efforts to make a $50,000 donation to McLaren Greater Lansing that resulted in a conference room at the new hospital being named in memory of Dolan’s sisters.

The generosity evidenced by Clobes and Dolan, who is a member of the McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation board, reflect the altruistic attributes MSUFCU encourages all its employees to embrace in both their professional and personal lives. That ideal of giving back shores up the foundation for a healthier and happier Greater Lansing, Clobes noted.

“We all want to have a successful community, and I think it takes great partners to do that,” Clobes said.

To learn more about the foundation or ways to give, visit

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