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Happy Birthday, Jaimie & Wayne!

Embarking on the journey through breast cancer treatment can be an intensely personal and challenging experience, one that requires not just exceptional medical care but a deep sense of understanding and support from everyone involved. My treatment journey at Karmanos Cancer Center encompassed chemotherapy, radiation, and a lumpectomy, a triad of therapies that, while daunting, was made profoundly more bearable thanks to the incredible team of healthcare professionals who stood by me.

Dr. Isaac, my oncologist, stood out as a beacon of brilliance and empathy. His approach to care was not just about addressing the cancer but understanding its impact on my life, my family’s life and our spirits. His expertise was matched by his kindness, making him the best care provider I could have asked for during such a tumultuous time. Alongside Dr. Isaac, the nursing team in chemotherapy and the care team in radiation exemplified what it means to offer patient-centered care. Their trauma-informed approach and unwavering empathy ensured that each session, each treatment, was as comfortable and supportive as it could possibly be. Especially in times where I was at my lowest, sickest and most vulnerable.

Wayne, my spouse and caregiver, and I deeply appreciated the communication and support provided by the entire Karmanos team. They made sure we were well-informed at every step, empowering us to make decisions critical to my care and wellbeing. This level of involvement and clarity was invaluable, offering us a semblance of control in a situation that often felt beyond our grasp.

As Wayne and I celebrate our 50th birthdays, we reflect on the journey we've undertaken and the exceptional care we received. Instead of gifts, we humbly request that our friends and family consider making a donation to Karmanos Cancer Center in our honor. Such a gesture would not only acknowledge the phenomenal care and support we received but also help others embarking on their own cancer treatment journeys to experience the same level of care and empathy that was extended to us. If there is one thing we came out of this experience knowing, it was how crucial empathetic support is for patient’s staring the possibility of death in the face. You need information, empathy, and excellent care to get the most out of treatment. I am fortunate that treatment worked for me. We are fortunate that it worked in collaboration with amazing health care providers who were there for our family.           

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